Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Just want to start with a bang! Grandma turned, well, another year older just a couple of days ago. I originally decided to record a song for her. So, I plugged in my condenser mic, turned on Adobe Audition, sang the main melody, then sang a bass backup vocal track, then played a little opening blues riff, went into the chords, and outro with another blues riff and there ya go!

But then… well, I thought a video would be more special. Also, I remembered that Google has this “monetizing” thing, so they’ll put ads all over your video and it can possibly make money. Well, for Grandma’s present, I’m going to let her pick a charity and then donate the proceeds for the video in her name!

High School Graduation

Grandma and I before High School Graduation in 1997 from Brentwood High School, Brentwood, Tennessee

The video part was a bit tricky. I have a Samsung pocket HD cam that is fantastic, and I had a clip of a sunset in Oahu that I took this past January, a photo of Grandma and I from 15 years ago, and then had to sync my video of me playing with the music I had recorded… Well, shouldn’t have put the cart before the horse but I promise you this is not lip sync (lying). I was singing, it’s just muted and you hear the Adobe Audition version, lol. Through the process, I now have 3 videos on my “channel”, to which you might consider subscribing http://www.youtube.com/users/rgriles33 <—- thanks!.

Anyhow, please check it out for charity and leave some feedback! Great to meet you all! – RG Riles


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