Tablet or Netbook for Streaming Netflix and Hulu?

So a family member is going to have some pretty major surgery here pretty soon, and will be on his back for quite some time afterword.  We’re looking at getting him either a tablet or a netbook, so he can have lightweight accessibility for quick web browsing and streaming of Netflix, Hulu, etc.

I had personally suggested the Acer A0722 Netbook, now found at Amazon for $333!

This or a tablet for streaming video in bed?

However, there are thoughts that that may be too bulky for in-bed use and that something more along the lines of a tablet would be better suited for this use.  I heard from another friend that, long term, the tablet would get more use as well.

Thoughts from the good people out there in the tech world?  If you do suggest a Tablet, it would have to be on the Verizon network and net too incredibly difficult to figure out.




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  1. Please leave your thoughts or suggestions as a comment. We’re looking to make a decision this weekend. Thanks!

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