In the Studio with California Dingo – musician, audio engineer, graphic designer, web designer, etc.

I’ve started working with a real audio engineer, in a real studio, for my voice over auditions. Man, the difference in sound is just amazing. Here’s where I give a shout out to the California Dingo, and share some of the work from his own musical endeavors, as well as some mixing and mastering he’s done for other recording artists. If you’re in Central California, looking for a true pro to help with your recordings, or to help spruce up a song that needs some drumming or just some girth, this is your guy. Reach California Dingo at

Here are some samples of California Dingo Mixing and Mastering of other musicians:

And here’s a link to listen to some of his own music, under the band name Cripes!. A bit different style than mine, but the sound is impeccable!

Finally, here’s a link to the California Dingo website. I recommend checking it out to see what kind of talent we have in our small town of Clovis, California!

I’ll leave you with a shot of ol’ RG in the Dingo’s Studio!

Bringing it Live

R.G. Behind the Mic in CaliforniaDingo's Studio


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  1. Ron, I always new music was in your soul, from the first time you blew that trumpet way back in 2nd grade, I knew music would always be a big part of your life. I have alway enjoyed listening to you play and now sing. keep up the awsome work.

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