Aspirations – Great Voice Talents in Voice Over Industry and Great Services

Don LaFointaine – The Voice
R.G. Riles aspires to be “The Voice” – the one that nearly everyone in the world has heard at some point and automatically associate it with something.  Mr. LaFointaine, as seen in this awesome video:
is “The Voice” that, at least in America, we’ve come to associate with Movie Trailers (okay, Ben Patrick Johnson as well… more on him later).  That’s really the pinultimate position for a Voice Over and Don has been dominating that category of Voice Over work for years.  Way to go Don.  Here’s to many more successful years, and here’s to one day getting a shot to work on such a grand stage as you!


Steven Lowell
Here’s an extremely useful video that I have recently watched that has helped me to land auditions and create better over-all demos to post on the web, again by Steven Lowell’s community,


Here is another uber-successful Voice Talent, Ben Patrick Johnson – and the message in this video is just terrific.


Another Aspiring Voice Talent
He’s out there just like R.G., getting started and blogging about his experience (and worth a follow):

Additional links etc.

Find R.G. Riles on LinkedIn
Find R.G. Riles and Demos on

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