Welcome to the Jungle (of the Voice Over World)

Thank you for finding your way to RGRiles.wordpress.com today!  My new www.rgriles.com site went live on 4/19/2012, and is the primary conduit through which R.G. Riles (that’s me!) will communicate with colleagues and potential employers in the Voice Over / Voice Acting / Voice Talent industry. This article is primarily to provide a road map for navigation through the website itself.

In the carousel at the top of the page, you’ll see 4 icons that take you to the 4 basic pages within this site, which are the “About” page, the “Demos” page, the “Contact R.G. Riles” page, and the “Partners and Links” page. At the top of each page within this site, are direct links to these pages as well.

The page descriptions are rather self-explanatory. Likely, the page of most interest to those who visit will be the “Demos” page. Here is where I have placed a variety of mp3 files (rather low fidelity – but I can always send high fidelity files if requested) that demonstrate the range and tonal qualities of my voice. The demos are grouped into several sub-categories. Currently, several of the categories do not have a demo file associated with them. We’ll be filling in the blanks soon so come back often to check it all out!

I’ll leave you today with this Video on my YouTube Channel (RGRiles33 – please subscribe!). This has all of my demos to-date, with some fun flying action in the background – taken from my recent flight from Arkansas to Dallas!

Thanks again for visiting. Please leave comments, or send me an email with your constructive criticism, questions, etc. today!


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