The Midas Touch – Part 2 of 5 – Discussion of Key Points of Book by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki

Without even reading the first book that Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump wrote together, titled Why We Want You to be Rich (2006), this 2nd collaboration, entitled Midas Touch:  Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – and why Most Don’t (2011), was recommended to me by a fellow friend /entrepreneur.  The book proved to be packed with terrific anecdotes, examples, and actual information about what could help propel a smart person with big ideas into more than just a statistic (statistically speaking, approximately 9 of 10 startups fail within 5  years).

Now, this is blogt 2 of 5.  I have posted below the third video in the series of 6, which introduces the 8 Integrities, and discusses the FOCUS required from leadership on the integrities in order to build a successful venture.

Video 1.  The Pointer Finger = Focus (and discussion of the 8 Integrities)

Topics discussed include:

  • Focus
  • Leadership, Team, and Mission
  • The 8 Integrities
  • Product, Legal, Systems, Communication, and Cash Flow

The audio could be better.  My apologies.  For future book reviews, I’ll have a mic close to me… to avoid sounding like I was talking in a canyon, I had to process the audio a bit, and there’s a bit of “warble” to it, but it does sound much better.

As always – I want this to be something you want to read/see on a regular basis.  I cannot achieve that without your comments and questions so, please, bring them on!!!!  Also, please check out all the links on the right-hand side of the blogspace!  Mucho gracias!

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