BRAND – The Midas Touch (Trump & Kiyosaki) Part 3 of 6 (Videos 4a)

In the Information Age, more so than any other age, brand or branding has become one of the central elements to any hugely successful venture.  In a time when a face, a tweet, a status update, a photo, or even a video can travel so quickly, and spread viraly, and in a time where entrepreneurs are “the Face” of the franchise, more-so than ever, I would argue that building a Brand is more important than even putting a terrific product out there.  Don’t get me wrong; a great product is still requisite to any successful company, but the reputation that precedes you, and the delivery on your promise, or your brand, should be the focal point when taking a business from a commodity to an institution!  In my opinion, you should be thinking about taking your small business to “Institutional” proportions from the very first day you dream up the concept.  As Donald Trump loves to say, “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think BIG!”

Now, this is blog 3 of 6 on this book (2 videos posted in the first blog, one more video on branding and then two final videos to go).  I have posted below the fourth video in the series of 6, which introduces the 8 Integrities, and discusses the FOCUS required from leadership on the integrities in order to build a successful venture.

Video 4a.  The Middle Finger = BRAND 

Topics discussed include:

  • Brand
  • Some Hugely Successful Brands (McDonald’s, Apple, Google, Starbucks, etc.)
  • Brand vs. Commodity
  • Integrity
  • Truth to Self
  • Set the Example and Tone
  • Critics and Skeptics Come with Success

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