Been a While

Hey folks, how is everybody this fine Memorial Day Weekend?

Wow, we have some interesting weather over here in the Central Valley of California, but today is shaping up to be a beautiful day!

It’s been a while since I have blogged regularly, and I just want my readers to know, it’s me, not you, haha (how many times have we heard that???).

We’ve had a recent loss in the family, and I have embarked on a an extremely interesting and time-intensive side project. More on each of those items to come soon.

Just lettin’ you know I didn’t forget about you and that there is more great content to come!

FYI – you can always read through the old articles, comment, email me (, ask questions, and share with others who might find the wide-variety of material of interest!

I’ll get back to at least a few entries weekly very soon. Take care my WordPress Family! Talk to you soon.



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