Some More Music – Covers by R.G. Riles

Howdy, howdy!

You know, I texted the word “howdy” to Mrs. Riles today and she responded, “Hey there cowboy!”… I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean this in the endearing, masculine, sexy fashion that I had imagined, but that’s what the ambiguous tone of texting is all about, right!?! That vagary that allows us to all think something innocent means that we’re hot stuff!?! Regardless, I think I might say howdy more often, lol 🙂

In any case, as I mentioned in the previous blog, there’s a ton going on in the life and times, and the business of R.G. Riles. I’ll get to all of that in the coming weeks (I actually have a “vacation” scheduled for next week). In the meantime, when I’ve had downtime here and there, I’ve been recording some music.

Music? Really? Well, let me elaborate. I’ve got an extremely modest recording studio, some great software, and I’ve been using it to record auditions for my burgeoning career in the voice over business (insert “Debbie Downer – Bwah, bwah, bwahhhhh…” trombone sound here). Well, in between all the auditions, and my real job, making trips to Sacramento, the Bay Area, having my Dad who just had hip surgery come visit (twice), and, yes, a second project that is paying well but taking more time than anticipated… [sigh].. yes, I found a few moments to play a few songs that I actually have the coordination to play and sing at the same time. And I put them on the inter-web! Whooooaaa!!!!

Anyhow, if you like Pearl Jam, or Eddie Vedder, or even John Lennon – you might like at least one of these three songs!

What a build-up, right? I bet you’re psyched to hear these! Ha! Actually, if I was a bit of a better sound engineer, and had the patience to choose which vocal take I liked the best, or if I could maybe just record the guitar in one session and the singing in the other (fyi I’ve found that’s more easily done if you have a drummer or something to help you keep a beat), well then maybe these would come out sparkling. But, guess what, it’s art. It’s not supposed to sparkle! So, instead, you get either 2 or 3 vocal layers with 1 or 2 guitar layers, and hey, for a 33-yr old amateur, I’d say they sound good… and fun!

Anyhow, here are 4 songs for your listening pleasure, which, incidentally, can all be found on my account

First, is my favorite of the four (favorite as in I think it sounds the best… Black is my favorite original of the 4).  Click the links below to have a visit, or just visit my site and you’ll see them all at the top!

Driftin’ (original music and lyrics by Vedder)”   <—-  best part starts about 1:55 mark

Second, there’s Hide Your Love Away” (original music by the Beatles),  <— whole thing pretty decent, though end is my fav

Third, there’s BlackUnplugged from the Closet (original music by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Lyrics by Vedder).  <—- starts slow, but last 2 mins are fun!

Okay everyone, that’s all for tonight!  Enjoy!

-R.G. Riles



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