Step 1 To a Successful Day – Do NOT get Coffee Grinds in Your Eyes

So, I’m on a bit of a “stay-cation” this week.  And I was reading a blog that inspired me to write to you, the loyal Riles Readers, about how best to start our day, in order to yield the most productive, yet least stressful day possible (be it a work day, or other).

Much to my chagrin, as I sat down to begin typing away, I remembered that the first part of my routine (coffee!) was missing.  None of the family was up yet, so I headed over to the coffee maker to be the hero of the morning.

Thanks to

My coffee grinds ended up in my eye this morning.  FAIL!

Guess what I got for that effort!?!?!

Well, long story short, there indeed is a way for coffee grounds to travel up from a bag, and into your eye; and to cause a ton of irritation, snot, etc. in the process!

Wash Eye Out

Wish I had and Eye Wash Station! Guess I’ll settle for my Contact Lense Solution!

So, my morning is a bit ruined, but let’s not ruin yours. …

Anyhow, I was reading last night’s post from (PodJamTV’s 8 Ways to Start Your Day Right), and they listed some great ways to get the day started.  For now, as I go to wash the grounds out of my eye once again, I’d say just don’t start it the way I did this morning, and you’ll be off and hopping on the good foot!


Okay, temporarily soothed.  Where were we?  Oh, yes, the 8 Ways to Start Your Day Right.

For me, I’ve been at my most successful when I had a routine set for the morning.  While I agree with many of the points that are made by PodJam (especially getting items ready the night before, eating breakfast, and thinking positive thoughts – yes, self-talk is very important in the morning), I don’t subscribe to all of the recommendations.

Namely, the recommendation to have dinner, then check your schedule for the next day.  Sorry, but after dinner, I don’t want to think about the office one iota!  Do You?  To me, this will lead to less productive sleep for the evening.  For your schedule the next day, I recommend figuring that out before you leave the office.  Or, if you ride mass transit, take that time to reflect on your day, and get in your mind what the next day looks like.

In the meantime, let me just add my $0.02 that yields the most productive day:

  • Attempt to get about the same amount of sleep every night
  • If you can get to bed at the same time, and wake at the same time each day, all the better!
  • Remember that 6-8 hours of sleep is a general recommendation.  Many of the world’s most successful people get less, and gain an hour or two per day for reading and enriching their lives in some way.  I love to sleep in, do not get me wrong.  But, I do also love my quiet evenings and mornings, where I’m free to do as I please and, ultimately, begin productivity at that time!
  • Always use positive self-talk to counteract your negative thoughts in the morning.  When your mind says, “how can I ever expect to get up when I’m so tired!?” you need to fight that with, “I’ve been more tired and it’s generally gone after my first cup of coffee!”  Be positive to counteract your negative thoughts, but be realistic and convincing or it won’t work!
  • One night per week, make a concerted effort to get in bed early enough to have the will and the energy for one night of good sex!  You will find this invigorating and revitalizing for yourself, but also for the intimacy of your relationship!
  • I used to believe that getting your cardio excercise in the morning was important.  While it does wake you up, you’ll find yourself hungrier throughout the day if you try this.  So, beware.  Don’t start this routine on a day where you have back-to-back morning meetings!  Oh, yes, the “used to” part.  Well, as I’ve aged, it has just become harder to get myself to do anything physical in the morning.  So, I try to wake myself  up with some mental stimulation (coffee plus reading news, books, blogs, and/or writing status updates, blogs, etc.), along with some light stretching of the hamstrings, back, and upper back / neck / trapezius areas.

There you have it, Riles Readers!  What NOT TO DO in the morning, and some nice tips for what TO DO that might help you out a bit!

Until next time, please leave comments, questions, etc. below.  Or, you can always email me!



  1. Great post R.G. and awesome suggestions! I especially like the one about keeping steady sleep habits and getting regular exercise. Both go a long way to setting yourself up for a great day!! =))

    1. Mr. Marty! Much appreciated… I’ve battled some insomnia most of my life, so the sleep habits and proper sleep hygiene have always been important points for me. Exercise was once a focus in my life, and I’m trying to bring it back into the fold; slowly but surely!

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