Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

The Daily Post presents a Weekly Photo Challenge each week.

Here’s the link to this week’s challenge.

This week’s challenge is to find a photo that epitimizes the word “Close”.

Here are two versions of one photo that really define the word to me.

As Close as it Gets

Cousin with God-Son… Close

Close as Can Be

Cousin and God-Son = Close

It’s a beauty, eh?  I also love this one of the family, which has suddenly become a family of 3.

Close = The New Family of 3

Close = The New Family of 3

And here’s another for good measure🙂

Close Nap

ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz…. Close

I invite you to either visit The Daily Post, and submit your own photos for this week’s challenge, and/or leave comments and feedback here on my chosen photos!

Until Next Time,

R.G. Riles




  1. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Close « rg riles writes rigorously […]

  2. awww precious🙂 great pictures🙂

    1. Thanks Vandy!🙂 Wish I could say I took these photos, but I did take them from my cousin’s website and process them a bit. For Christmas, I took all 1300+ photos they had, made a really clean color copy, then made “aged” and “black and white” copies for them in Adobe Lightroom (love that program). I put some of the best in a large-print scrapbook, and put the rest on disks and micro-memory chips so they could share and put them in digital photo frames. I’m a photo nut – so I think I may have liked the present more than they did, but it was a fun project nonetheless.

      1. wow That’s great🙂🙂 Kudos !

  3. Northern Narratives · · Reply

    Wonderful 🙂

      1. of course by “two posts” I meant “three”

  4. Beautiful and tender.

    1. Thank you, Marion. I think my cousin is a little self conscious of these photos, for one reason or another, but the emotions are pure and palpable in these photos. Really feel the love… the close-ness, if you will.

  5. They are lovely photos!

  6. Perfect! The child is evidently comforted and he felt so secured…🙂

  7. How wonderful and sweet. Congrats to you and your cousin’s family!🙂

  8. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Close « rg riles writes rigorously […]

  9. these are beautiful images of such a special moment

  10. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Close « rg riles writes rigorously […]

  11. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Close « rg riles writes rigorously […]

  12. Thanks for sharing these priceless shots of your family closeness!

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