Active Content for Education and Mission Small Business $250,000 Grant

Friends, family, and faithful followers,

Please help me, to help an organization that provides a tremendous service to students throughout the Country.  Active Content for Education (ACE), co-founded by my colleague Curtis Nehrig, is a perfect fit for a small business grant, in the amount of $250,000.  In fact, the fit is so perfect, the only thing missing is YOUR SUPPORT (or the support of the community – aka “signatures”).  The money will be used to expand and grow the company, provided needed jobs for our economy, and providing ACE the opportunity to be more productive, providing products to students more efficiently, effectively, and swiftly.

ACE’s mission is to “Create and Integrate Synergistic Technologies for Education.”  What does that mean?  Essentially, ACE is a fund generated by strategic business partners, with the charitial purpose of creating and/or procuring the latest in technology, and getting that technology into the hands of students.


Please vote for Active Content for Education to let Mission Small-Business know YOU SUPPORT THEIR CAUSE!

The emoployees of ACE mainly come from Work Credit programs, and Job Retaining programs, with the idea that they are employing people who want to better themselves and are actually taking the necessary steps to do so.  By default, the people in these programs are typically unemployed or underemployed, so ACE can also be said to be hiring with the expresss purpose of helping our Country and communities with the terrible unemployment or underemployment rates which we are currently experiencing.

By 8pm on June 30th we need to have acquired a minimum of 250 votes. To stand out we want way more than that.

Over the next 8 days we are trying to obtain 125 votes per day for a total of 1000 votes!!!

This is where I need your help!

Will you please reach out to your network and ask for their support to help this great company qualify for this grant? Voters must have a Facebook account and they must go to Then, log-in and then search for “Active Content for Education” as a business name. Then click “Vote”. 

We then need them to spread the word quickly to everyone they know.

Why is ACE worthy of your votes? Active Content is 100% in the black and has absolutely no debt.  This organic growth model takes more time than the large cash pool, debt-ridden models.  However, even with the limited funding already available, ACE has begun programs to help the communities they do business in to acquire needed technologies and to update existing ones.  The company was started with the idea and dream that they would be able to help schools lower costs so they would not have to cut so many programs.

ACE also aspires to start a sort of scholarship fund to help students afford the technology that will help them in school. This includes technologies that will enable them to have access to their teachers and other students for project and homework collaboration 24/7 in a safe and controlled, school monitored, environment.  Not all kids have access to computer and an internet connection. ACE wants to help change that.

Remember, to vote:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Log In & Support” and log-in with your facebook account.
  3. Search for “Active Content for Education” under “business name”
  4. Click on VOTE
  5. Pass the word!

Thanks folks!

-R.G. Riles


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