Temporary Leave to Pursue Projects

Dear Readers,

I appreciate the support, the comments, the reading; the beginnings of something fun, yet productive and from the heart.  You don’t find something like that in the business world all that often.

You may have noticed my absence in the month of August.  I want to let all of you know that I am “A-OK”, and that I have put my personal blog on hold while I pursue several other fantastic projects.  While I’m away, working on these projects (most of which involve blogs, e-books, podcasts, etc.), I will periodically update you on these terrific projects, provide re-blogs, links, so on, and so forth.

R.G. Riles Studio

In the Studio, Recording Podcasts and Other Great Audio Projects

photo credit: WilkiDotMe via photo pin cc

In the meantime, here is what I can tell you.  Acting as editor and contributor to The Anxiety Behind the Badge site / blog has taken a great amount of time.  Meanwhile, a somewhat confidential project with NightRise has also been in the works for some time, and should bare fruit, soon enough.

Beginning of Promise at Sunset rgriles.wordpress.com

Promise Rises as this Sun Sets – The Sun Shall Rise Again and Promise Shall Grow Like a Weed

photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via photo pin cc

I have at least 2 other similar projects and opportunities that I’m just beginning to work on (here’s a hint on one).  Add all of this to a full-time career as a civil engineer, and you have a guy that needs to take a bit of a hiatus from his own blog.  As I said, I’ll keep you up to date, and get back to providing my tips, lessons, contests, book reviews, and other fun tidbits as we all learn together how to be the very best entrepreneurs we can be, in the Instant Information Age.

Until Next Time,

R.G. Riles

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