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If You Read Only One Business Book This Year

To:  CEO From:  R.G. Riles Subject:  Reading Assignment for 2013 If you read only one business-related book this year, make it The Commitment Engine, by John Jantsch. I will be posting an in-depth, written review in the very near future.  For now, however, see my brief review on YouTube by clicking below.  Please leave your comments […]

Businesses are built on a team you nurture and trust when you are away

Memo to CEO: Build a Team You Don’t Have to Manage; a Team of Trust

MEMORANDUM TO:  CEO FROM:  R.G. RILES SUBJECT:  A TEAM YOU TRUST If you don’t build and nurture a team of people you trust so much that they can make decisions and run the company while you are away, then you haven’t built a team at all.  What you have is a job; not a business. […]

Memo to CEO from R.G. Riles - Enjoy the Beautiful Moments

Memo to CEO – Enjoy Your Victories; Your Beautiful Moments

MEMORANDUM TO:  CEO FROM:  R.G. RILES SUBJECT:  ENJOY YOUR VICTORIES The reason you’re in the game is for the glory; the beautiful moments.  They may be few and far between, especially at first.  Put the phone down, get off the computer, and enjoy them (with your team if you have one).  But, please, enjoy them.  […]