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How do we Stir Up New Ideas? Friday’s Creatively Entrepreneurial Question

Friday’s Creatively Entrepreneurial Question (see bottom of post for prizes) It came to me the other evening, when I was performing a quick patent search on Google Patents.  You see, back in the early 2000’s, after several years of owning a cell phone, and noticing that, whether it be for safety, or pure convenience, that everyone […]

In a Band? Want to Spread Your Music through an Android App for Cheap????

EDITOR’S NOTE:  WE NEED BETA TESTERS!  GET THIS APP AT A REDUCED PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! One of the greatest ways to connect with your fans, and to stay fresh on their mind, is to create your own app.  R.G. Riles Co. is proud to partner with Nate Wells, a talented young man just getting […]

Some More Music – Covers by R.G. Riles

Howdy, howdy! You know, I texted the word “howdy” to Mrs. Riles today and she responded, “Hey there cowboy!”… I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean this in the endearing, masculine, sexy fashion that I had imagined, but that’s what the ambiguous tone of texting is all about, right!?! That vagary that allows us to all […]

Adobe Audition 3.0 for Voice Over & Sound Beds

Dear Faithful Readers, it has been 1 week since my last… well, you get the joke already – no sense in finishing it, because it wasn’t that funny to begin with! Anyhow, the point is, I apologize that I haven’t been providing content regularly over the last couple weeks.  Ol’ RG has had some real […]

Handsome Hands Video Productions

R.G. Riles and R.C. Hook go way back… and it’s probably time the two worked together on a project.  Shared below are two amazing videos created by Handsome Hands Video Productions, featuring R.C. and several other compadres of the San Luis Obispo / Danville / SF / Oakland Crew. Caution, Dick’s a Model has some Rated R […]

In the Studio with California Dingo – musician, audio engineer, graphic designer, web designer, etc.

I’ve started working with a real audio engineer, in a real studio, for my voice over auditions. Man, the difference in sound is just amazing. Here’s where I give a shout out to the California Dingo, and share some of the work from his own musical endeavors, as well as some mixing and mastering he’s […]

Intro to Music of R.G. Riles

For my entire life, I’ve been a huge music fan.  When you’re an only child, simple things like music, or baseball on the radio, provide a good deal of entertainment and I find that as I get older I really miss those days when I could literally just sit or lay there for hours and […]

Writing Lyrics….

Lyrics are a difficult thing.  It’s easy, in times of great inspiration, to let the words flow and put some pretty profound statements down on a piece of paper. Then you look at your catalogue of instrumentals and, you think, “Which of these matches the mood here?”  THEN, the really hard work begins. Well, I’ve […]

No More Cold Ones (aka Here Comes Bobby V – Where’s Tito?) – the Tale of the Epic Red Sox Fall from Grace of 2011

In 2004, in the heyday of my detest for all thinks Yankee Pinstripes, I found myself actually cheering for the Boston Red Sox, as they were down 0 games to 3, in the best of 7 American League Championship Series.  Afterall, they hadn’t won since they traded Babe Ruth, and there had never been a […]

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An Intro to My Musical Endeavors

The Widget below has all of the current demo songs that I have posted on  Most are cover material right now, with a couple of originals.  Only one has vocals at this point, but that will change soon.  I’m actually seeking female singers that would like to join up with me and be the […]