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Active Content for Education and Mission Small Business $250,000 Grant

Friends, family, and faithful followers, Please help me, to help an organization that provides a tremendous service to students throughout the Country.  Active Content for Education (ACE), co-founded by my colleague Curtis Nehrig, is a perfect fit for a small business grant, in the amount of $250,000.  In fact, the fit is so perfect, the only […]

In a Band? Want to Spread Your Music through an Android App for Cheap????

EDITOR’S NOTE:  WE NEED BETA TESTERS!  GET THIS APP AT A REDUCED PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! One of the greatest ways to connect with your fans, and to stay fresh on their mind, is to create your own app.  R.G. Riles Co. is proud to partner with Nate Wells, a talented young man just getting […]

R.G. Riles Co.

Thanks to my friend, Nate, over at the htlm5webdesign blog for posting the new flyer for R.G. Riles Co. on his blog. R.G. Riles Co.. The company is just getting started, but already has some exciting projects underway.  I’ll be posting more here, so stay tuned! -R.G. Riles Follow @RGRiles on Twitter

Adobe Audition 3.0 for Voice Over & Sound Beds

Dear Faithful Readers, it has been 1 week since my last… well, you get the joke already – no sense in finishing it, because it wasn’t that funny to begin with! Anyhow, the point is, I apologize that I haven’t been providing content regularly over the last couple weeks.  Ol’ RG has had some real […]

Tablet or Netbook for Streaming Netflix and Hulu?

So a family member is going to have some pretty major surgery here pretty soon, and will be on his back for quite some time afterword.  We’re looking at getting him either a tablet or a netbook, so he can have lightweight accessibility for quick web browsing and streaming of Netflix, Hulu, etc. I had […]