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If You Read Only One Business Book This Year

To:  CEO From:  R.G. Riles Subject:  Reading Assignment for 2013 If you read only one business-related book this year, make it The Commitment Engine, by John Jantsch. I will be posting an in-depth, written review in the very near future.  For now, however, see my brief review on YouTube by clicking below.  Please leave your comments […]

R.G. Riles Co.

Thanks to my friend, Nate, over at the htlm5webdesign blog for posting the new flyer for R.G. Riles Co. on his blog. R.G. Riles Co.. The company is just getting started, but already has some exciting projects underway.  I’ll be posting more here, so stay tuned! -R.G. Riles Follow @RGRiles on Twitter

Voice Over / Talent Guide – Acting

As I navigate through this new world of the Voice Over Industry (I Am a Voiceover), I’ll try to make some points that I’ve learned along the way, as well as point you to links or videos which may prove to be very helpful for the up-and-coming Voice Talent.  They have certainly been helpful […]

Welcome to the Jungle (of the Voice Over World)

Thank you for finding your way to today!  My new site went live on 4/19/2012, and is the primary conduit through which R.G. Riles (that’s me!) will communicate with colleagues and potential employers in the Voice Over / Voice Acting / Voice Talent industry. This article is primarily to provide a road map […]

The Midas Touch – Part 1 of 5 – Discussion of Key Points of Book by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

Without even reading the first book that Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump wrote together, titled Why We Want You to be Rich (2006), this 2nd collaboration, entitled Midas Touch:  Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – and why Most Don’t (2011), was recommended to me by a fellow friend /entrepreneur.  The book proved to be packed with […]

Aspirations – Great Voice Talents in Voice Over Industry and Great Services

Don LaFointaine – The Voice R.G. Riles aspires to be “The Voice” – the one that nearly everyone in the world has heard at some point and automatically associate it with something.  Mr. LaFointaine, as seen in this awesome video: is “The Voice” that, at least in America, we’ve come to associate with Movie Trailers […]

Handsome Hands Video Productions

R.G. Riles and R.C. Hook go way back… and it’s probably time the two worked together on a project.  Shared below are two amazing videos created by Handsome Hands Video Productions, featuring R.C. and several other compadres of the San Luis Obispo / Danville / SF / Oakland Crew. Caution, Dick’s a Model has some Rated R […]

Intro to Music of R.G. Riles

For my entire life, I’ve been a huge music fan.  When you’re an only child, simple things like music, or baseball on the radio, provide a good deal of entertainment and I find that as I get older I really miss those days when I could literally just sit or lay there for hours and […]

No More Cold Ones (aka Here Comes Bobby V – Where’s Tito?) – the Tale of the Epic Red Sox Fall from Grace of 2011

In 2004, in the heyday of my detest for all thinks Yankee Pinstripes, I found myself actually cheering for the Boston Red Sox, as they were down 0 games to 3, in the best of 7 American League Championship Series.  Afterall, they hadn’t won since they traded Babe Ruth, and there had never been a […]

Oahu January 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Just want to start with a bang! Grandma turned, well, another year older just a couple of weeks ago. I originally decided to record a song for her. So, I plugged in my condenser mic, turned on Adobe Audition, sang the main melody, then sang a bass backup vocal track, then played a little opening blues riff, went into the chords, and outro with another blues riff and there ya go!

But then… well, I thought a video would be more special. Also, I remembered that Google has this “monetizing” thing, so they’ll put ads all over your video and it can possibly make money. Well, for Grandma’s present, I’m going to let her pick a charity and then donate the proceeds for the video in her name!

The video part was a bit tricky. I have a Samsung pocket HD cam that is fantastic, and I had a clip of a sunset in Oahu that I took this past January, a photo of Grandma and I from 15 years ago, and then had to sync my video of me playing with the music I had recorded… Well, shouldn’t have put the cart before the horse but I promise you this is not lip sync (lying). I was singing, it’s just muted and you hear the Adobe Audition version, lol. Through the process, I now have 3 videos on my “channel”, to which you might consider subscribing <—- thanks!.

Anyhow, please check it out for charity and leave some feedback! Great to meet you all! – RG Riles