The Daily Post presents a Weekly Photo Challenge each week. Here’s the link to this week’s challenge. This week’s challenge is to find a photo that epitimizes the word “Close”. Here are two versions of one photo that really define the word to me. It’s a beauty, eh?  I also love this one of the […]

EDITOR’S NOTE:  WE NEED BETA TESTERS!  GET THIS APP AT A REDUCED PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! One of the greatest ways to connect with your fans, and to stay fresh on their mind, is to create your own app.  R.G. Riles Co. is proud to partner with Nate Wells, a talented young man just getting […]

So, I’m on a bit of a “stay-cation” this week.  And I was reading a blog that inspired me to write to you, the loyal Riles Readers, about how best to start our day, in order to yield the most productive, yet least stressful day possible (be it a work day, or other). Much to […]

Thanks to my friend, Nate, over at the htlm5webdesign blog for posting the new flyer for R.G. Riles Co. on his blog. R.G. Riles Co.. The company is just getting started, but already has some exciting projects underway.  I’ll be posting more here, so stay tuned! -R.G. Riles Follow @RGRiles on Twitter

Howdy, howdy! You know, I texted the word “howdy” to Mrs. Riles today and she responded, “Hey there cowboy!”… I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean this in the endearing, masculine, sexy fashion that I had imagined, but that’s what the ambiguous tone of texting is all about, right!?! That vagary that allows us to all […]

Hey folks, how is everybody this fine Memorial Day Weekend? Wow, we have some interesting weather over here in the Central Valley of California, but today is shaping up to be a beautiful day! It’s been a while since I have blogged regularly, and I just want my readers to know, it’s me, not you, […]

Dear Faithful Readers, it has been 1 week since my last… well, you get the joke already – no sense in finishing it, because it wasn’t that funny to begin with! Anyhow, the point is, I apologize that I haven’t been providing content regularly over the last couple weeks.  Ol’ RG has had some real […]

In the Information Age, more so than any other age, brand or branding has become one of the central elements to any hugely successful venture.  In a time when a face, a tweet, a status update, a photo, or even a video can travel so quickly, and spread viraly, and in a time where entrepreneurs […]

As I navigate through this new world of the Voice Over Industry (I Am a Voiceover), I’ll try to make some points that I’ve learned along the way, as well as point you to links or videos which may prove to be very helpful for the up-and-coming Voice Talent.  They have certainly been helpful […]

Without even reading the first book that Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump wrote together, titled Why We Want You to be Rich (2006), this 2nd collaboration, entitled Midas Touch:  Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – and why Most Don’t (2011), was recommended to me by a fellow friend /entrepreneur.  The book proved to be packed with […]