R.G. Riles is from The San Francisco Bay Area (Concord, California but currently residing in the greater Fresno area – a convenient 3-hour drive to either the greater Los Angeles area or the San Francisco Bay Area) with unique left and right brain talents and aspirations. A Civil Engineer by Day, and an aspiring Voice Over and Musical talent by night – RG has posted musical demos to his ReverbNation site in hopes of garnering interest from other like-minded Central Valley musicians, while Voice Over Demos and Archival Material may be found on his webpage (www.rgriles.com) in hopes of landing more auditions and Voice Over / Voice Acting work.

R.G. Riles (@RGRiles or http://www.facebook.com/R.G.Riles33) seeks a female lead vocalist to contrast with his deep, backup vocal styles (females that can hit the range or Chris Cornell or Layne Staley preferred to contrast with the lower ranges that R.G. brings, ala Vedder and Cantrell). Any bass guitarists, drummers, or guitarists are encouraged to send R.G. an email to discuss possibilities!

A 30-something with a strong, yet dynamic baritone voice, and deep passions for talk radio (especially Bay Area Sports Talk); and music of all types (excluding “new” country, but including over 20 years of playing various instruments), this blog will be about the experiences R.G. has on the way towards new successful and prosperous adventures.

R.G. Riles Voice Services is dedicated to providing quality voice over and “voice acting” services, for a number of different voice-talent applications, including:

  • Audio Books;
  • Podcast Voice Over;
  • Manuscript Marketing;
  • Video Game Voice Over;
  • Computer or video tutorials;
  • Radio and/or TV broadcasting and advertising;
  • Telephone System On-Hold and/or Interactive Voice Response (IVR); and
  • Speaking to students about education/engineering.

A Civil Engineer, registered in the State of California, R.G. earned his engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and enjoys speaking to kids/students about the importance of education & engineers relative to the future of California and America.

R.G.Riles can be reached via email at rgriles@gmail.com (soon at rgriles@rgriles.com), and encourages visitors to join the mailing list, and follow him on Twitter (@RGRiles), YouTube (www.youtube.com/users/rgriles33)  and Facebook (www.facebook.com/R.G.Riles33).



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  1. I love your blog!
    We should talk about advertising about each other.

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